With so many mobile phones integrating GPS technology into their devices, the major PND (personal navigation device) developers are starting to become more and more creative in offering unique features to keep attracting customers to their devices. While integrating movie times, traffic, chat, weather, and other web-based content is a necessity in today’s market, of all the new offerings so far, I’m most excited about TomTom’s latest announcement that they will start selling Star Wars™ voices for their GPS devices. Drivers can start getting directions from Darth Vader now for $12.95. Voices are scheduled to be released throughout the summer with C-3PO arriving in June, Yoda in July, and Han Solo rounding out the collection in August. While I can’t wait to have Yoda order me around town, in the meantime, I’m more than happy to listen to Darth Vader tell me “Turn around when possible. I find your lack of faith disturbing. Then turn left. Sense your way.”

Check out this video to watch a clip of Darth Vader in the recording studio:

*Images provided by TomTom