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Nixplay Wireless Picture Frames

Over the years we’ve tested a lot of digital picture frames from a variety of companies that have come and gone, but the Nixplay line of frames offers the best features and functions seen to date. The picture quality is excellent with their hi resolution 1024 x 768 HD display. The Nixplay Seed, Iris and Edge offer the easiest ways to share your photos with friends and family anywhere in the world (as long as they have WiFi connectivity).

Here’s how it works

  • Order a frame for you or a loved one;
  • Plug it in and input the wireless network settings for the location where the frame will be displayed (ie: your house, your business, your grandmother, sister, friend, etc.) along with a few simple setup options;
  • Snap a photo with your smart phone and email it directly to your free dedicated Nixplay email address.

Sensors are hidden behind the bezel so that the display turns on automatically when you approach the frame and falls asleep when you leave. The three models are similar; primarily differing in size, color and aspect ratio although the Edge has a USB slot and can also play videos. The Iris and seed creatively use special power cords which also serve as a uniquely bendable stand while the Edge uses a more conventional stand with a thinner cord.

The free phone app allows for easy uploading of photos using IOS or Android. The app also functions as a remote control. More detailed functions can be addressed via login.

Imagine the possibilities

Getting married? Having a baby? Got a new puppy? Want to share travel photos or family photos? Have a relative who’s house bound or lives far away?

Give one to a friend or relative and make their day, every time you post a new photo! It’s really the gift that keeps on giving. Yes you can share your photos with friends using Instagram or Facebook. Or you could email a picture directly to somebodies phone, but the impact of this subtle gesture is far greater. When I told my wife that I was going to place one of these discretely on our kitchen counter, she rolled her eyes and objected. “Why do we need this thing? You can share your photos on a variety of platforms or email them to friends directly. I don’t want another gadget cluttering my counter space”. “Let’s give it a try” I said and asked my son to email pictures of his new puppy so we could watch her grow. Every day when we walk in the kitchen there’s a new photo displayed in a beautiful slide show that turns on automatically when you approach the screen. My wife loves it so much that she finds herself talking to the pictures in the frame!

Set it up in portrait or landscape mode and sit back and relax.

P.S. Look for our upcoming review of the new Nixplay Signage collection which is available in 15.6 to 32 inch models and is suitable for window and counter top displays and include a variety of added software features. We think that the possibilities for business use are huge.



Nixplay Seed – $99, $129 or $169 (depending on screen size)

  • 7 inch plays photos in 16:10 High Resolution (1024 x 768) IPS Display¬† or
  • 8 inch plays photos in 4:3 High Resolution (1024 x 768) IPS Display or
  • 10 inch plays photos in 4:3 High Resolution (1024 x 768) IPS Display

Nixplay Iris – $199 retail

  • 8 inch plays photos in 4:3 High Resolution (1024 x 768) IPS Display
  • Offered in a choice of three designer colors – Burnished bronze, Silver and Peach Copper

Nixplay Edge – $129 to $249 retail (depending on screen size)

  • 8 inch 4:3 High Resolution IPS Display (1024 x 768) or
    13 inch 16:9 Full High Definition (1920 x 1080) IPS Display
  • USB Drive/SD/SDHC Card Ports
  • Plays photos and videos

* Note: the Edge is a earlier model with a slightly slower processor

  • 10gb of free cloud storage
  • Create multiple playlists
  • 30 day money back guarantee with free shipping
  • Telephone support
  • No monthly service charges

Check them all out at Nixplay.com

Nixplay Wireless Photo Frames