As megapixels continue to increase, debris on the sensor seems to follow the same trend. With an innovative approach, LensPen introduces their SensorKlear Loupe Kit.  Lenspen offers photographers a sound solution.  The user is given three tools that work together, creating an effective and easy to use process.

The cleaning process begins by using the LensPen Sensor Klear Loupe.  The Loupe is well constructed and allows the user to see a magnified view of all debris present on their camera sensor.  The Loupe (batteries included) also powers an internal light that evenly illuminates the entire sensor.  As a result, debris can be more effectively removed. LensPen has gone a step further and introduced a completely new approach to the traditional sensor loupe. By creating an open space on the side of the loupe, the user now has direct access to the sensor while the loupe remains attached.  Much like a jeweler works with their magnifying glass and tools, you also have the access and precision to effectively clean your sensor.  With their SensorKlear II cleaning pen, you are able to more accurately clean the sensor.  This tool is equipped with a flexible arm that allows you to navigate the small sensor space better than a traditional straight neck tool. These two tools work very well together as an effective way to clean your sensor.

Taking a different approach to cleaning is the LensPen Hurricane Blower.  By gently squeezing the bulb-like instrument, sharp bursts of air are propelled out of the tip dispersing loose particles on the sensor.  Ergonomically designed, it does its job efficiently and with minimal effort.  Following the simple provided instructions makes the entire cleaning process quick and proficient.

Through a closer examination of the tools, I discovered one troubling characteristic.  The cleaning surface of the SensorKlear II pen had a used look, appearing uneven and poorly groomed.  It did remove certain smudges, however, additional debris wound up making its way back onto the sensor.  In comparison, the loupe and hurricane blower were very successful and performed as expected.

With so many options in today’s market, photographers both professional and amateur have no shortage of options. This kit allows users of all levels the ability to perform an in-home cleaning.  The construction and durability of the SensorKlear II pen make purchasing this kit a harder decision.  However, the loupe and blower did their job and provided a confident cleaning experience.  With further refinement to the SensorKlear II pen, this kit would be a great purchase and save its user money over time.  Priced at around $80 USD, this product, although not perfect, does allow the user a great deal of control and cleaning potential.

Price: $79.95


*Images provided by the Lenspen