The Cardo S-800 Bluetooth Device comes equipped with a long list of features, giving users more options at the touch of a button. This unit is attractively designed and much welcomed on long car trips, Cardo produces a Bluetooth option that offers a compelling choice. For users that appreciate more widgets, this is the device for you.

The device is attractive and sits softly in your ear. It is designed with a minimalist approach, blending in with your attire, whether that is a suit or swimsuit. The S-800 can be comfortably worn with or with out the lightweight ear loop that is adjustable vertically and horizontally. I have noted with other Bluetooth devices, an uncomfortable and sometimes painful feeling in and around my ear. However, the Cardo S-800 exceeds my expectations with better than expected comfort when worn for hours at a time.

The device is also ergonomically configured with the user in mind. Its different buttons offer a multitude of capability and function that, after taking the time to set, are quite appreciated. The central control button can be programmed to your liking. The Cardo offers a voice dial feature that works very well with my iPhone. It effortlessly recognized my normal tone of voice in finding both names in my address book and numbers that were not. A small silver button on the devices’ side allows users three speed dial numbers that make calling your three favorite people a breeze. Pressing the button one, two, or three times dials a different number. It also acts as the on/off and pairing button.

Other useful features include; a comfortable volume adjustment wheel, SWAP technology to switch between two mobile phones, a location buzzer to find the headset when it walks away, battery status indicator, missed call indicator, and auto answer, amongst other welcomed features. With these features, Cardo puts your focus on the road and away from the phone. More features may not always lend to your benefit as they often create more to learn and set.

After a few weeks use, my control button changed from a speed dial function to voice dial; a change that although unexpected was gladly welcomed. With so many features and with my spare time at a minimum, I relied on just a few to suit my daily use.

The Cardo S-800 comes with two methods of charging; a mini-USB charging jack allowing charging via the wall outlet or through your PC/Laptop with the included USB charging cable. Overall sound quality is good in quiet areas. Driving on the highway and in the city presented a small challenge at times with an insufficient audio level. Talk time seems to be average, however I was at times disappointed. Although the device claims to have a useful battery status indicator, it died a few times with no warning, dropping my call on the Bluetooth device and switching it to my phone. Average daily usage hovered around two hours with my iPhone 3GS.

I give this device an overall thumbs up. It took some getting to know but for the most part, it became a welcomed addition to my crowded mess of technical devices. It performed well on its maiden voyage from California to Arizona with no complaints. The wealth of features can be both slightly overwhelming and welcomed depending on your technical aptitude. I thought the device to be comfortable in my ear, although this factor is often specific to the individual. In searching online retailers, I found several sites selling the device for under $40.00. Cardo has produced a definite competitor in today’s crowded Bluetooth market that is definitely worth your attention.

Manufacturer: Cardo Systems

Suggested Retail:$84.99

Street Price – Under $50.

*Images provided by Manufacturer