Although technology is advancing at an incredible pace, the biggest change of late is that more and more people and companies are recognizing how to leverage these technologies so as to realize their full potential: like the Death Star.

I should clarify that there really isn’t a battle station the size of a small moon entering Earth’s orbit right now. Nevertheless, something equally exciting is happening in a galaxy not so far away – Adidas has recently announced an entire line of Star Wars clothing including shoes, t-shirts, and hoodies. And to build the hype for this new line of “must-have’s,” they’ve launched a brand new website as well.

Upon launching the site, visitors are asked if they want to connect with Facebook in order to “get the full experience.” While connecting with the social networking giant is not required, I highly recommend it for a more personalized experience. Visitors are then treated to a brief Star Wars style intro before watching Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader unleash “the full power of this [battle] station.” But unlike in Episode IV: A New Hope, Alderaan is not the target this time…YOU are.

You heard me. Complete with Google Maps, Facebook Profile Pictures, and GPS coordinates, Adidas and the Dark Lord of the Sith himself are targeting YOU in what has to be one of the most beautifully integrated online marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen. And, after you’ve finished virtually blowing yourself to kingdom come, trying “targeting” a friend. Truly a dream come true for a Star Wars loving tech junkie!

Click here to check it out!