Thank goodness. My search is over. After years of endlessly combing the globe – I can finally stop this unrelenting search for the ideal set of earbuds: Yurbuds has risen to the challenge by making the most comfortable earbuds that I’ve ever worn. Yurbuds has distinguished itself within a fairly crowded marketplace by emphasizing its phenomenal Twist-Lock technology. This technology is uniquely designed to firmly hold the earbuds in place even during rigorous activity like running, biking, training, parkour, etc. In fact, they are guaranteed to stay in your ear while training and are fully sweat/water-resistant. By closely matching the contour of your ear, the Yurbuds both work spectacularly well for active folks, and are also remarkably comfortable. Indeed, they’re the first set of earbuds that I really feel comfortable wearing for hours on end, or even sleeping in (on occasion).

Let’s be clear though: while I love my Yurbuds, they are not meant to be the perfect solution for everybody, especially audiophiles. Noise-isolation is all but non-existent in these bad boys. In fact, that’s a safety feature that Yurbuds has designed, as they feel that while audiophiles might long for a purer and more isolated sound, runners would probably prefer to hear the horn of the car that is speeding towards them. As somebody who is not using them for their true purpose, this is one area in which I’ve longed for my Yurbuds to be a little better. I’d love to conk out on a plane and fall asleep knowing that my earbuds will stay in, my ears won’t be sore in a few hours, and without having to hear that infernal drone throughout the duration of my in-flight nap, but alas it is not to be – that deep rumble will continue to drone on. At least for now. But that is not to say that the sound quality of the Yurbuds is poor. Quite the opposite in fact, as the sound is remarkably full and rich considering the $50 price point of the Ironman Inspire model. Indeed, while the Yurbuds may not be perfect, I have yet to find another pair of earbuds that I’d rather wear when just trying to relax and listen to some music.

Manufacturer’s Site: Yurbuds