Wrapsol Cell Phone Skin In a market overloaded with companies making plastic screen protectors like Zagg, BodyGuardz, and 3M, it can be tough to distinguish yourself. But up-and-comer Wrapsol is trying to differentiate itself as the “strongest, smoothest, and most durable” protective wrap in the industry. To deliver on their promise, the Wrapsol Ultra’s clear plastic is twice the thickness of regular screen protectors and covers the back and sides as well as the front. They even claim to use the same stuff that coats the front of Formula 1 racecars (though not quite the same thickness).

So how do you test something that claims to protect your phone from the disaster it’s sure to face? Well, Wrapsol dared us to play basketball using an iPhone 3GS as the ball. Seriously – they set up a basketball hoop with a return unit for us to give it a try. The challenge was to shoot a basket using an iPhone 3GS covered in a Wrapsol Ultra, and then watch it tumble down a lengthy metal tray and land in a pile of nails before checking to see if there was any damage. Check out a video of Dave playing a quick game of one vs. gravity:

I wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t tried it for ourselves! Take an iPhone or other supported cell phone, wrap in a clear screen protector that covers the front back and sides (in separate pieces) and drop it throw it on the concrete floor. Not only did the iPhone survive repeated tests, it looked no worse for wear and it still worked fine. The owner of the company told me that he had drop tested his iPhone hundreds of times. You can see a few of their own videos posted below (some of their tests are pretty outrageous). And, as the icing on the cake, Wrapsol uses a dry application (no water), so putting it on is a snap.

Note – the manufacturer doesn’t guarantee that it will always protect your phone from a bang or a drop but it sure appears to help.  Also check out the Otterbox Defender series if you really want industrial grade protection but don’t mind significantly extra weight and bulk.

Wrapsol Ultra – Suggested Retail $29.95

Available at www.wrapsol.com

 Wrapsol’s Forklift Droptest with an iPhone 5: