Skooba Design has created an innovative and practical product; the Superbungee Strap available both for bags and cameras. They took an already efficient product and incorporated a new level of comfort and design rarely seen in a strap.

It utilizes a “sport-tuned suspension system” that incorporates a bungee/shock cord ring. Skooba has created a series of straps that help to absorb the constant pressure that builds on your shoulder or neck from carrying a loaded laptop bag or a professional level camera. On the reverse (wearer) side of the strap is a network of small air-filled chambers that are covered in a non-slip material. These chambers aim at further reducing the level of pressure on your body and giving you a softer feel. They are also remarkably lightweight.

I spent a few weeks testing both of these straps and was impressed by the subtle and much welcomed comfort. The camera strap proved very versatile both while shooting and not. The soft and squishy air chambers add a unique feature to a product that has remained unchanged for many years. It has a small profile yet remains very comfortable and excellent when used for long periods of time. The Skooba Superbungee Camera Strap has a clean design, great looks, and is extremely affordable. You have the choice of five fun colors for the strap and bungee. This is the strap for amateur and professional photographers alike, with its great pressure relieving design.

The Skooba Superbungee Bag Strap is the larger version of the camera strap and functions much the same. In this instance, the strap was supporting a much larger and heavier object, my laptop bag. The soft air-filled chambers help distribute weight along your shoulder while a providing a soft spongy feel. The bungee alleviates constant pressure by allowing the strap to flex with movement. I had my laptop with all accessories, several portable HD’s, a few magazines, and an impressive assortment of other papers in my laptop bag that was being held by the impressive Skooba Superbungee Bag Strap with minimal resistance.

Both Skooba Superbungee Straps showed no signs of wear even after a few weeks of rugged use. They appeared to be not only well constructed, but surprisingly an excellent deal at the register. These straps are great for any age offering both fun and practical features.

Street Price: Approx. $24.95 and $14.95

Manufacturer: Skooba Design

*Images provided by the Manufacturer