GotoMyPC – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the road and needed to access a file from my home or office. Year’s ago, I used to play with remote control software such as PC Anywhere which required setup on all of the machines and was tedious at best. Not anymore! Now I use, a subscription based service that is outstanding. I can login to my computers from any PC in the world that has a browser and Internet connection. From there I can remotely access all files and programs on my remote machine as though I was sitting in the office. I can transfer files to and from the local PC and I can even print them remotely on the road.

When my wife or son needs help with a computer problem, I just login and effectively take over their PC. They claim that it is the simplest way for anyone to get online and access information in real time and I agree. It is easy to install and has automatic upgrade capabilities.

GoToMeeting – Invite clients or colleagues to attend an online meeting on the fly. The Professional version offers an unlimited number of meetings with up to 10 participants for as low as 39.00 per

Also check out – For as low as $79. per month you can subscribe to GoToWebinar which includes GoToMeeting. The service offers robust webinar support features including group polling, questionnaires, and much more. It’s great for conducting seminars to groups of individuals for sales, marketing or support purposes. Save travel, time and share your message with a global audience without ever leaving the office.

Try them for 30 days for free; you’ll be hooked like me.

Manufacturer: Citrix Online

*Images provided by Manufacturer