Product Lighting for the Masses

A great concept comes to fruition. Whether you’re an avid ebayer or just want to try your hand at product photography, ProCyc’s new MyStudio 20 gives you that ability. The product arrives with all the necessary components to produce good quality shots with minimal effort. Setup takes only a matter of minutes, allowing you countless hours of shooting time to spare.

MyStudio 20 helps to eliminate many common problems that arise for amateur photographers when photographing products. Rather than placing your product on your often-distractive carpet or desk, MyStudio 20 gives you a clean evenly lit background to more accurately capture your product. This system requires minimal space and leaves little room for question.


It is a proven fact that better pictures equal more sales and often-higher prices. That is where this product fits in. Whether you are trying to sell an old camera or a vintage bottle of wine, this device can accurately capture your product in its entirety. For those of you with expensive jewelry or small precious artifacts, this system provides a great way to document your items whether for insurance or as a personal reminder. It is very important to keep a documented record of your valuables and MyStudio 20 makes it not only quick, but also fun. There is no need for any high tech equipment, and in fact, your point and shoot digital camera sitting in your drawer will do the trick. My Studio 20 takes much of the guesswork out of the job, creating images that standout from the crowd.


My Studio 20’s main element is made from lightweight, high impact ABS plastic. The system features a seamless cove wall on each side and a 90_ coved corner, which maximizes your shooting, angles and provides excellent light disbursement at the same time, reducing shadows and bright spots. It uses two aluminum legs, which support an overhead fluorescent light and an overhead reflector that bounces diffused light more evenly onto your product. Two white reflector cards are also included and allow you to direct additional light into your product. Once assembled, place this setup anywhere near an outlet, and you are ready to begin making money. The unit comes in multiple sizes for shooting small to medium size products.


As a professional photographer, I have always relied on intricate lighting setups, allowing me every bit of control. This product is made for everybody, regardless of your skill behind the camera. However, I faced a few bumps in assembling this product and would have liked to see a more fluid system for raising and lowering the main light. I was hesitant to reposition the light with each product I shot, avoiding those stubborn screws and bolts. I also noticed a small hot spot of light on the background that was created by the incident angle of light coming from the main lighting source. This could be remedied by repositioning the light and or the product. Although, I had some initial problems, I think that after some fiddling, you could establish a comfortable setup and utilize it for nearly every product shot you take.


Priced at $250, this product presents you with a small-scale version of a lighting setup used daily by professional photographers. For those who are looking to photograph small products in an evenly lit and controlled environment, this product is a great choice.

MyStudio™ 20, comes with the following items included:

One MyStudio™ 20 cyc background module with 90_ corner, constructed of lightweight, high impact ABS plastic. Dimensions: 20” x 20” x 12”
One high grade aluminum adjustable height light stand
One “Daylight” 5000K color-balanced fluorescent light with integrated On/Off switch
One MYS 20 overhead reflector
Two 9” x 12” bounce card reflectors with attachable easel back supports
Product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Manufacturer: Procyc

*Images courtesy of Procyc